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Smart Weight Bridge
(Tamper Proof Weigh Bridge)

All manufacturing industries use their weighbridge to weigh - RAW MATERIALS received from their Supplier customer. Most of the cases, Raw material are received in terms of weight and finished goods are also sold in terms of weight. Hence weighbridge place a crucial role in the business.

In current complex scenario, people have identified many ways to tamper the weighbridge to take advantage to them. Unless management is vigilant, It is impossible to avoid these issues. Our smart weighbridge concept is helping the management to put required check points & ensures all transactions are happening without any tampering.It gives them peace of mind & ensures their bottom line of business.

  • Healthiness of position sensor, cameras, weigh bridge-indicators are monitored with automatic SMS alert to concern department
  • Having provision to classify vehicle type with typical tare weight with tolerance limit. System will auto check if the tare weight is beyond the limit & provide alert message
  • Having Tare Master facility to enable to complete the weighment transaction only by single Weighment. Tare master up-dation frequency can be defined
  • Re-Verification:- Frequency and procedure can be defined
  • Having provision to enter the Invoice Weight / Target weight with Tolerance Limit. System will auto check if the Nett weight is beyond the limit & provide alert message
  • W&M Stamping reminder facility is provided
  • Seperate maintenance module with password is provided
  • Cameras:- Standard 2 Cameras are interfaced (Can go upto 4 Cameras)
  • Various by-pass mode is provided with security protection
  • Transaction can be viewed with video clips for verification

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