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Furnace Melt Shop Automation is the common buzz word today. Foundrymen understood the impact of manual handling of Raw materials like Pig Iron, Scrap, Returns,CRC, Borings,etc andhave gone ahead with Scrap Car Charger.

We aim to achieve further automation such as Preparation of charge mix with Appx. Dimensions : the help of Storage Bins with Vibrator, Vibratory Charging Car With Weighing, Position Sensors and Controlling the Charging Car.

The System can also be designed to achieve a complete automatic cycle with time lags. Various schemes can be designed depending on the customer requirements so as to charge multiple furnace using the furnace charging car. Our Fully Automatic Alloy Feeder for furnace addition can be integrated with this system. We also interface with customer’s Spectrometer and read the chemistry and do the automatic calculations for additions /dilutions.

Key Benefits

  • Our system provide complete Automation to Furnace Raw Material Addition Process
  • Recipe selection based on Fixed recipe, Available raw material, Returns grade and Result of Spectrometer (OES). Level IFixed Recipe | Level II- Semi Dynamic Recipe | Level IIIDynamic Recipe
  • Manual Error is eliminated
  • System helps to Achieve DO IT RIGHT AT THE FIRST TIME
  • Better Utilization of Man Power
  • Minimises Rejection
  • Increases Productivity & Process Reliability
  • Relief from Raw Material Inventory Mismatch
  • Differentiate from competition and Attract new clients
  • Real time data can be exchanged to factory level ERP / IOT systems

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