Fully Automatic Alloy Feeder for Furnace Addition




  • Number of Alloys can be handled : 4/6/8*
  • Storage bin capacity : 200 Kgs*
  • Weigh hopper Capacity : 20 Kgs*
  • Pneumatic Vibratory Feeder is used for material flow.
  • User can collect the material thru Collection Container manually
  • Optionally – Arrangement will be provided to handle non flowable material.
  • Based on Sample result ,system will calculate the recipe dynamically.
  • Then required alloys will be accurately weighed and kept ready for discharge.
  • No manual Interventions or calculations are required./li>
  • System also will inform the appropriate Furnace Number to operator
  • System will have the option to go for Semi Automatic mode for specified non flowable material.