ARC Furnace Control system



The Key Features of Our Systems & Benefits are

  • Maximise the furnace throughput
  • Reputed Make -Laser sensors are installed in the Electrode lifting cylinders to know the Electrode Positions.
  • Auto / Manual control for electrode slipping.
  • Consistent quality of end products, energy saving, electrode life improvement etc due to uniform penetration of electrodes.
  • Implementation of furnace safety interlocks.
  • Separate Indications for all Electrode positions, Upper and Lower clamp – Open/Close conditions for all the electrodes, Primary Current, Secondary Current, Primary Voltage, Secondary Voltage, Energy, etc.
  • Real time data logging for efficient decision making for plant operation.
  • Mimic Panel to guide the operator.
  • Inbuilt Large Figure Display for Safety Interlock /Error Messages.
  • Configurable to Customer’s needs.