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Minor Component Batching Systems

Minor Component Batching Systems

Major Ferro Alloys /Foundries require specific quantities of Four (Appx) Minor Raw materials to be fed into the furnace periodically. Accurate Measurement & Feeding is very essential to attain the Final Product Quality.

Presently they are weighing the raw materials using a Electronic Weighing scale and feeding it into the furnace/Laddle manually. Due to Spillage & Manual Error, the final product quality is at high Risk. We can automate the Batch preparation and feeding operation. The batch size shall be about 5 Kg.

The system consists of a small weigh hopper mounted on a single load cell. The weigh hopper is positioned below four storage silos. It has a vibratory feeder for discharging the material from the weigh hopper. The raw materials will be stored in these silos and replenished periodically. A reversible conveyor is positioned below the weigh hopper for discharging the material into the conveyor on either side of the system.

Batching can be done Auto / Manual modeOn completion of a batch the system waits for a discharge input for discharging the material. This input shall be taken from the two conveyors used for conveying the material into the furnace. The discharge conveyor runs in the direction of the feed conveyor which is switched ON.

PC Software for individual batch data recording (optional)

Remote LCD display indicator with provision for recipe entry (optional)

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