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Ladle Ferro Alloy Addition Automation

Key Benefits

  • POKA-YOKE means “Prevent Defects ” or ” Prevent Errors”.They system is often referred to as “Error Proofing ” or ” Mistake Proofing”. Our System provide complete poka yoke to ladle Addition process.
  • Entire processes are under control & Established processes are 100% followed by operators.
  • System will regulate the operator and does not allow operator to make mistakes.
  • Right Material + Right Quantity(Kg)= Less Rework+Power Saving
  • Voice Messages will guide the operator (optional)
  • Detailed MIS Report for Better Decision Making.
  • Increase your productivity and process reliability.
  • Showcase to your clients and enhance their Confidence.

Key Challange before Foundrymen

Foundrymen will get sample/chemistry report only after completing the Pouring process. Any deviation in the Result will lead to HUGE LOSS.such as Entire Castings Rejection, Electricity Loss, Wastage of Raw Material,Wastage of Mould, Wastage of Core, Wastage of Manpower,Re-work, Opportunity loss, Delay in Delivery committments, Customer Dis satisfaction and Environmental Impact.

The Only way to avoid is “DO it Right at the First Time “.

Other Challenges before Foundrymen

  • Reducing the possibility of manual Error which is very high since the Operation is fully dependant on Operator.
  • Avoiding Incorrect material additions
  • Ensuring appropriate Weight of Molten Metal tapping from Furnaces.
  • Reducing over heads & associated costs!
  • Handling the complexity of different product recipes.
  • Managing the scarcity of trained & experienced Man Power
  • Ensuring start of Pouring Timer after the treatment
  • Making processes Poka Yoke!
  • Increasing customer’s confidence on Processes
  • Getting real & actual Process data to take rational/better decisions.

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