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Industrial Displays


  • Seven Segment displays of size 0.5,1,2,4,8 and 12 inch height
  • Dot matrix character display 0.8 and 1.5 inch height, 2 line X
  • 20 characters
  • Dot matrix display 2,40 characters per line, cascadable
  • Multi parameter production monitoring displays


  • RS232C
  • Pulse Courting Input
  • Wireless Communication (upto 100 m)
  • Models for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Software for Pc interface

  • Industrial External Displays


    • Microcontrole based unit communicates with any instrument/PC over a Serial interface/Modbus/ Ethernet/4-20mA
    • To display numenc data in large, clear form, visible over long distances
    • The serial data format can be configured by the user by connecting a PC keyboard to the display unit (only Weight format)
    • User programmable baud rate, parity and other protocol parameters. Standard predefined formats also available
    • Power Supply 100-230 V AC, 20 VA max.


    • Weigh bridge external display
    • Weigh scale external display
    • Process parameter display
    • PLC Front end information display
    • Counters, Timers &GPS clock

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