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    Weighing & Automation Solutions for Foundry
    Crane Weighing Systems | Load Limiting Device | Ladle Ferro Alloy Addition - Semi Automatic System | Fully Automatic Alloy Feeder for SG Iron Process* |
    Smart Foundry | Laddle stream Inoculantion System | KWh Display for Furnaces | Furnace Raw Material Addition| Intelligent Pouring & Cooling Timers
    Convert Your Weighbridge as Tamper Proof | Advanced Platform Scale | Scrap Car Charging Weighing Systems Furnace Weighing System | Online Counting Machine
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    Weighing Automation Solutions for Cement Plants
    Smart Weight Bridge (Tamper Proof Weigh Bridge) | Universal Unmanned Weigh Bridge | Special Unmanned Weigh Bridge For Mines
    Special Unmanned WeighBridge With Long Range Rfid Reader | Bag Counting System With Cement Loading Parking Area Automation
    WAGON / Bulk Loading & Wagon Tippler Weighing System | Universal Check Weighing For Poto Packer Area | Silo / Bin Weighing Systems
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    Weighing & Automation Solutions for Ferro Alloy
    Automatic Raw material batching & Feeding Process | ARC Furnace Control system
    Crane Weighing System | Data Recording Systems | Minor component batching systems
    Enhance Your Weighbridge | Industrial Displays
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    Weighing & Bagging Solutions for Rice Mills
    Batch Weigher for Paddy & Rice | Automatic Bagging System | Rice Storage Management System
    Advanced Platform Scale – Rice Mill | Enhance Your Weighbridge

About Us

ACI Automation Pvt. Ltd

ACI Automation Pvt. Ltd. provides Quality conscious and technology driven weighing and automation solutions for various manufacturing industries

Backed by the 25 plus year’s experience of ACI Systems & Services in implementing innovative solutions using cutting edge technologies and understanding customer’s Process requirements, ACI Automation Pvt. Ltd. is focused to enhance the Efficiency, Productivity and Quality for its customers.

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ACI Automation Pvt. Ltd
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Our Solutions To Foundry Industries
Crane Weighing Systems - Integral Type


Our Solutions To Ferro Alloy Industries
Charging Material Automation


Our Solutions To Cement Plants
Static Check Weighing scale - Cement


Our Solutions To Rice Mills
Advanced Platform Scale – Rice Mill

Our Core Strengths

  • Process Knowledge and Proven Products meeting Industry's real requirements.
  • Dedicated R & D Team continuously working on improvements on Process Automation solutions based on Industry needs.
  • In House Electronic Hardware Development & Manufacturing facility
  • In House Embedded, PLC, Scada and PC Software development.
  • In House Mechanical Design
  • In House Panel Engineering & Building
  • Project Management & After Sales Support by a team of experienced and dedicated engineers


Following are some of our Major Client - Industry-wise