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Challenge before Foundrymen

  • Reducing the possibility of manual Error which is very high since the Operation is fully dependant on Operator
  • Making processes Poka Yoke!
  • Reducing holding current consumption by reducing number of sampling in the melting process by proper addition
  • Avoiding Calculation Mistakes
  • Avoiding mismatch of Physical Stock and Book Stock!
  • Getting real & actual Process data to take rational/better decisions
  • Handling the complexity of different product recipes
  • Increasing customer's confidence on Processes
  • Avoiding last minute P&L adjustments and subsequent bottom line reductions

Key Benefits

  • Our System provide complete poka yoke to Furnace Raw material Addition process
  • Recipe selection based on Fixed recipe, Available raw material, Returns grade and Result of Spectrometer
  • (OES). Level I- Fixed Recipe | Level II- Semi Dynamic Recipe | Level III- Dynamic Recipe
  • Entire processes are under control & Established processes are 100% followed by operators
  • System will regulate the operator and does not allow operator to make mistakes
  • System helps to Achieve DO IT RIGHT AT THE FIRST TIME
  • Right Material + Right Quantity(Kg)= Less Rework+Power Saving+Increased Productivity
  • Relief from Raw Material Inventory Mismatch
  • Showcase to your buyers and Enhance your Process Reliability
  • Can be upgraded to monitor Temperature & Power along with raw material charging. Sequence of operation can be defined.

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