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Crane Weighing – Integral Type

Best Allternate Solution for expensive imported Hanging Crane Weighing System

Electronic Crane Weighing Systems are ideal equipment to weigh molten metal and other raw materials such as scrap, pig iron, borings, CRC, Returns. Pin type Load cell is installed in the equalizing pulley on top of the Crane . The load on the crane hook is sensed by measuring the load cell output is connected to weight indicator and transmitted through Radio Frequency (RF). Wireless Large figure display is provided for receiving and displaying the weight information. Wireless Remote pendant is provided to Tare, Zero and Calibrate the System.

System Specifications

  • Type : Integral type Crane weigher
  • Capacity : 2 MT, 5 MT, 10 MT, 20 MT, 30 MT and 50 MT +++
  • Sensor : Pin type Loadcell / Tensiom Type Loadcell
  • Mounting assembly : Certified Pulley / Mechanical Arrangement to suit the existing Crane
  • Digital Weight indicator : Microcontroller based indicator with High resolution, 0.8 inch RED led display, Software calibration and RF transceiver. Wireless license free SM 2.4 GHz used for RFcommunication
  • Power supply : 3 phase, 415 V AC/ 50 Hz. +/- 10 % or Single phase, 230 V AC / 50 Hz. +/- 10 %.
  • Indicator panel : MS Dust-proof enclosure 260mm(W) X 160mm(H) X 90mm(D)
  • Rope Weight Compensation : Microcontroller based compensation module interfaced to Rotary encoder, housed in a Dustproof MS enclosure and connected to the Weight indicator
  • External Display : 2,4 or 8 inch, Bright Red LED display

Challenges before Foundrymen


  • Avoiding Short Pouring
  • Avoiding human Judgmental & Perceptional Errors in Ladle Charging
  • Accurately Measuring Molten Material Productivity
  • Measuring & Storing REAL Raw Material Charging Data & Individual Casting Weight Automatically
  • Meeting Increased customer’s demand on Process Control

Existing Hanging Type Crane Weighing Scale

  • Avoiding Head Room loss while installing a crane weighing system
  • Protecting Weighing System from Frequent failures caused by Heat
  • Avoiding frequent battery charging and replacement
  • Avoiding mechanical damage of Crane Weighing due to movement of heavy objects
  • Overcoming visibility issue of crane weighing display during Heavy Fumes caused by SG treatment
  • Overcoming visibility issue of crane weighing display due torotation of hook caused by movement of crane
  • Guiding operator with Target and Actual weight display.
  • Controlling cost of ownership from expensive spares cost & Frequent maintenance / repair charges
  • Ensuring Provision of Future Automation

Key Benefits

  • Our System Resolve all above mentioned challenges
  • Rope Weight compensation
  • Retrofittable in 2 days
  • Wireless 100 mm Large Figure Display
  • Wireless remote handheld display
  • Wireless remote for calibration, Zero & Tare Key Facility
  • 2 Stage Relay outputs for Alarm & Overload Tripping
  • Multifunction : Standard Weighing, Target / Actual, Totalizer, Pouring mode and Raw material
  • Linked with Crane – Production Monitoring Software
  • Can be connected with Pouring / Cooling Timers

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