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Batch Supervison Systems – General

Batch Supervison Systems – General

Simple Weighing is NO more a meaningful activity in the process industries. To increase the Productivity, Process needs to be controlled.

Hence all critical parameters needs to be measured and monitored. All measurands ( such as weight data) needs to be accompanied with Product Identification, Lot Identification, Target, Date & Time of Operation along with the Operator who performs it. This is not at all possible by standard Weighing scales/ Equipments.

We provide Add-on Batch Supervision Terminals ( BST) to connect with any brand weighing scales/ systems and gather all the above mentioned information and further these data are sent to common PC thru RF/ Cable and gets recorded. It can be a single station or Multiple networked station.

Required MIS Reports are generated in the PC software which is very handy for Management Decision Making Process. Recipies can be downloaded from the PC to BST. and BST will guide/ restrict the operator to do the weighment as per the recipies only.

RFID, Barcode, Lable printer, Lazer Printer can be integrated for Raw material & Finished Good identifications.

Towerlamp, Hooter, Voice message, SMS alerts,Email Reports can be interfaced as per customer’s choice. The system would help to optimize the process, Traceability of process, increase the productivity and compile with Regulations.

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