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Automation In Vehicle Parking Area

Automation In Vehicle Parking Area

Traditionally. Vehicle parking Area is handled by Security Person and it is cumbersome activity for them. They need to get clearance from inside the factory to send next vehicle. Then he has track the vehicle arrival and announce the right next vehicle. During the announcement. If the driver is not available in the parking area. He might need to wait in definite time and further call on other vehicle. Ect. Other side. Vehicle driver also get annoyed for indefinite waiting at the parking area and they don't get any idea about their calling. To overcome these issues, our software has got a facitily to define a Vechicle movement sequence tentative time request in each area and number of vehicle can be allowed inside the factory at

a time based on factory layout based on this, our system will automatically can initiate the announcement to vehicle drivers and drivers also can get their schedule details via SMS/Parking Display Or through Apps

  • Once the vehicle is parked. Driver can log their details in Logistic room along with their Mobile Number
  • Optionally Driver can log the details mobile Apps & further it will be verified by Logistics person
  • Optional: Announcement through large display system with vehicle number & due time to enter the factory
  • Optional: automatic voice announcement system
  • Driver get alerts through SMS message (or) Apps for entering the factory

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