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Universal Unmanned Weigh Bridge


  • Any Make Weight Indicator can be connected. Gives Freedom to Customer.
  • Special Algorithm is built in our Software to sense the Vehicle through Position sensor & it cannot be tampered by any means.
  • Sequence of Vehicle movement can be configured as per customer requirement.
  • Modular Design & Upgrades in Future are provided.
  • Traffic Light with Green & RED are provided with clear Indication for Drivers.
  • Provided Dot matrix external 150 mm Display to show the weight & guiding information to Drivers.
  • Enclosure is provided for above traffic light and display for better protection.
  • Multiple Cameras Integratable for front number plate, back side vehicle position, overall vehicle position, material viewing, driver cabin etc...
  • Can be integrated with your ERP ( SAP/Oracle/etc... )
  • You can view the Reports from any where from your Network. Web Browser software will be provided by us for viewing reports.

ACI Other Solutions

  • Universal transaction Weighbridge Software
    -Basic version
    -Smart level 1

  • Universal Networking Weighbridge Software
    - Basic version
    - Smart level 1

  • Universal ERP Integration ( SAP/Oracle/etc... ) software with (or)
    w/o PS232 to Ethernet interface module

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