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Bag Counting System With Cement Loading Parking Area Automation

Bag Counting System With Cement Loading Parking Area Automation

We can automate your bag counting system & cement bag loading parking area in connection with over all automation Driver can park the vehicle in the intermediate parking slot & confirm their availability to trolley checker by showing RFID card/through Mobile Apps. System will send automatic message to drive to come inside the packing area with their loading bay number and loading along with Grade MRP details if any after the completion of bag Loading driver will be directed to go to weighbridge and weighbridge will have the provision to check the nett weight of vehicle and compare with number of bags after deducting the empty bag weights or with allowed percentage difference and initiate the alert message to concerns for Rechecking if any variations are found

  • Having facility to count with sensor & weight for fool proof counting
  • Can be supplied as independent system as well as with over all automation solution / unmanned weigh bridge operation.
  • Option 1: 1st line: at start it will show the target qantity of bags to be loaded & further it will show the actual no of bags
  • Option 2: 2nd line will show truck number grade details and status messages such as loading underway completed exit to weighbridge

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